Web Hosting

Secure, scalable and smart.

A cost-efficient web hosting service to safeguard your servers.

So, you have created a website… replete with attractive designs, compelling content and high-tech applications. However, without a dependable web hosting service, such a website will be nothing but a waste. In Kabul Planet, you will find a reliable partner that’ll take care of all your hosting needs, rendering your website secure and easily accessible.

We are an approved solutions partner of Cpanel & Plesk, one of the biggest data centres in the world. We facilitate web hosting across varied technology platforms, thus allowing you to safeguard your data in any and every form. What’s more, our Cisco-powered dedicated hardware firewall is a guarantee that a website or database located on our server would be safe from malicious attacks.

Buy a dedicated web server and enjoy all operational controls of the same. Get software and hardware support to manage your servers.
Share your server with other websites hosted on a similar platform, and we will manage it for you.
Get a stand-alone, dedicated server in the price of a shared server. You have complete access and control of your virtual space.
Email hosting services that give you a cost-efficient, trouble-free and secure mailing environment, sans the dependence on an Internet Services Provider.
The perfect communication platform comprising professional email addresses that can be run from your website.
Host your site across a range of technology platforms and shift base whenever need be.
The best of SSL certification to ensure secure e-commerce and communications across your web channels.